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Pratical pieces of advice.
About texture of oil painting.
Mixing of paints. Main features and characteristics of colors.
Working on the landscape.
Oils, varnishes and thinners for oil painting. Covering picture with varnish.
Batik. Technics and technology:
1. The history of batik.
2. The most important.
3. Fabrics. A stretcher.
4. Paints. Recipes.
5. Cold batik.
6. Hot batik.
7. Free painting.
8. Nodul batik.
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Skirt Skirt
Skirt (part of work) Skirt (part of work)
Venus Venus
Scarf. Plant Theme Scarf. Plant Theme
Scarf. Sea Theme Scarf. Sea Theme
Shawl Shawl
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